Friday, April 22, 2011

DIY- Cookie template from Cardboard

I wanted to try this since a long time
so today noon finally i did this
DIY - Cookie Template
Things needed
Cardboard ( i recycled cardboard from carton )
How i did
draw the design on the cardboard
cut it out and keep aside

T o use as cookie cutter
lightly flour the cardboard template on one side
place it on the rolled out dough
with a sharp knife cut out the shape
and keep on plate

keep in fridge for few minutes and bake.
have blogged cookie recipe at Asan Khana
Thats all guys see you all soon
wish you all happy week ahead and ya Happy earth day too


Sonia said...

Hi There, Thanks for the lovely trick, wud surly try this. Have a great day !!!

Patricia Torres said...

you are a little genius.. thats a brilliant idea!! :-)


interesting idea :)
p.s thanks for your words at my blog

SV said...

This is really a great idea....